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Garage Door Springs are very powerful springs that can break suddenly without warning. If you don’t know what you are doing, best to call in a garage door service company. Always wear safety goggles not easily dislodged when working with wound springs. If it breaks a piece of high-speed shrapnel can be generated close to the power of a bullet.

garage door springs adjustments

The first preference will be to contact a Garage Door Service Company. Here are some tips to follow if you want to know when and how to adjust your garage door springs.

  1. If you have a garage door opener, uncouple the trolley from the door.
  2. Lift the door and see how easy or hard it is.
  3. Increase the spring tension if the door is too hard to lift.
  4. If the tension is too high, the door will not settle down all the way when you pull it down.
  5. Reconnect the trolley. Operate the opener just to be sure it opens and closes satisfactorily.
  6. If the door seems to be moving with greater difficulty lately you should check for friction and binding.
  7. Lubricate all the parts including the track wheels and any pulleys.
  8. Check that all parts move freely. Sometimes, you have to replace pulleys because they froze up and would not turn anymore.

If the door rises unevenly, it closes unevenly or is heavy to open or close, you must contact a Garage Door Company.

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