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Once you learn the basic techniques it is easy. Almost always a cable has unwound on one side or the other. So you have to wrap the cable back around the drum. Now, how you do it varies.
First never force the door down. You’ll destroy the glass and possibly more.
I’ll describe two scenarios.
The door is almost down and you can reach the torsion springs above…
Simply use the winding bars to lower the door down and keep rotating them in that direction until the cables are loose on both sides. Now wind the cables back on the drum and carefully put the tension back on the cable. Very easy.
If the door is halfway or more up and cattywampus…
You will need several vice grips.
First vice grip goes on the side where the cable hasn’t come off. Lock the door with the vice grips so that side can not be raised any further. This site is probably furthest from the floor.
Now lift the other side of the door so it is higher by a few inches and then lock it in place with a vice grip so it can’t go down. Wind the cable back around the drum on that side and then lower that side of the door so it is even with the other side. Then remove the grip from the other side.
That is all there is to it. The trick is to have plenty of vice grips with you. I easily use five on this job.

Forgot to mention another trick. Also, use vice grips on the cable that is loose to keep it weighted down so it stays on the drum. I use two heavy vise-grips for that.

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