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How can I fix a Derailed Garage Door?

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Once you learn the basic techniques it is easy. Almost always a cable has unwound on one side or the other. So you have to wrap the cable back around the drum. Now, how you do it varies.First never force the door down. You’ll destroy the glass and possibly more.I’ll describe two scenarios.The door is […]

How durable are the galvanized garage door springs?

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How often do you have to check your garage door? Or do you really have to think about the condition of your garage doors at all? Actually, one of the factors that could make or break your day is the moment you go out and encounter problems with your garage door opener. Don’t wait until there is […]

What is Garage Door Jamp?

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Garage doors are automated machines that escape sensors and electricity. This sounds very technical, but really it means anything and everything can affect the function of your doors, from dust and dirt to insects and even the weather . Even the incorrect switch can make a difference to your garage door jammed. Remote Control Is […]

How do remote garage doors work?

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Well, remote garage doors consist of transmitters that transmit radio signals of a particular frequency which is received by the receivers. It generates a new code using an encoder When the transmitter sends a code. The receiver, after receiving a correct code, uses the same encoder with the same original to generate a new code. […]

Why does my garage door Open with remote but not close with it?

There is a problem with safety sensors. They are probably missing align. They are usually mounted at the bottom of your garage door tracks. Make sure nothing is in the way and they point directly at each other. Each safety sensor has a small light. When they are correctly aligned both lights will be on. […]